The Ultimate Search Engine Optimisation eCourse

for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Do you wish your site ranked higher in search engine results?

Are you confused by the tech speak and jargon involved in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Have you been burned by dodgy SEO companies?


The next course starts 2 June 2016

By far the best money I have ever spent on developing my practice.

“Kate Toon understands what actually works in SEO, copywriting and how the whole Google world comes together to get results. No BS promises of rewards without effort, honest ethical advice and service that helps you achieve brilliant long lasting results. By far the best money I have ever spent on developing my practice.” Daryl Ansell

Ansell Chiropractic

The Recipe for SEO Success was one of the best courses that I have done

“The Recipe for SEO Success was one of the best courses that I have done – online or offline! I loved the structure, the delivery AND the content! Kate was supportive, enthusiastic and super responsive. I’ve walked away feeling more confident and with a swag of SEO tricks that I’m itching to implement.”

Kelly Holcroft

Pearsons Florist

Let’s be honest. SEO is a giant pain in the bum.

Not only is it stuffed full of technical gobbledygook, it changes every five minutes. And the so-called SEO experts never seem to agree. But don’t worry.

I believe ANYONE can learn the basics of Search Engine Optimisation, which is why I created The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse. This 8-week eCourse shows you my tried and tested SEO tactics that can deliver higher rankings, more traffic and more conversions. It’s a practical, beginner-level SEO eCourse that gives you the confidence to manage your own SEO.

SEO ecourse

The most well structured, professional, great value, awesome online courses I have ever come across

“The Recipe for SEO success is one of the most well structured, professional, great value, awesome online courses I have ever come across. Kate Toon is an inspiring, meticulous and fun head chef. Worth every dollar and highly recommended!” Charu Ahuja

Touch of Bowen

Kate Toon

Your Head SEO chef

The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse is run by me, Kate Toon. I’m an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with nearly two decades of experience in all things advertising and digital.

I’ve worked with big brands such as Westpac, the RTA, Curash and Kmart and helped countless small businesses to produce great content and improve their SEO.

I’m also the founder of The Clever Copywriting School, the co host on Hot Copy Podcast and run regular SEO and copywriting workshops across Australia.

The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse was the best thing I’ve done for my business

“Signing up to the Recipe for SEO Success eCourse for a recalibration was the best thing I’ve done for my business. I certainly got an excellent bang for my buck, and can now confidently offer SEO knowledge and guidance to all my clients. “

Andrea Rowe,

Your Coastal Connection

learn seo online

While other SEO trainers talk the talk, I’ve walked the walk.

I’ve worked hard to make my sites rank number one for more keyword phrases than you’ve had hot dinners

(including super-tricky single-word terms like ‘copywriter’).

And let me tell you, that ain’t easy!

I’ve also helped countless small businesses and corporates improve their ranking, traffic and conversions.

I don’t talk about lofty principles or waffle on about strategy.

I roll up my sleeves and get stuck in, offering you no-nonsense SEO advice and practical tactics that get results fast.

I’d recommend this course to any Marketing Manager or Small Business Owner or anyone with a website designed to generate business for that matter!

“Really loved Kate’s Beginner SEO Course and the videos and materials are accessible for life! She has an honest, authentic, fun approach and has the ability to break down complex topics into digestible interesting pieces that make sense.

Lauren Gerrand

Marketing Manager, Act Today

An amazing comprehensive and well thought out course

“What an amazing comprehensive and well thought out course. Kate has a wealth of knowledge to share and the format of videos and worksheets to complete in your own time is a huge drawcard. I love that I have lifetime access to all the material so I can plan our next moves and refer back to all the tips in detail. I also loved hearing from other industry experts in Kate’s interviews. Highly recommended to anyone managing a website, even those who think they know SEO. There is always more to learn and things are changing every day.”

Natasha Beer

Marketing & Communication Manager , Northern Inland Credit Union Ltd

Now for some maths

The average SEO company charges around $2,000 per month to manage a small business SEO campaign.

Over a year that’s $24,000.

Over five years that’s $120,000.

It’s a big chunk of your profits, right? So why spend all that when you can become an SEO expert yourself for a fraction of the price?

It’s simple – The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse saves you money.

learn seo online

Absolutely the best program for learning SEO

“Absolutely the best program for learning SEO in bite sized chunks that can be applied as you go or later because you have lifetime access to the comprehensive materials. Loved all the live support and the mastermind group too. Support when you need it was such a bonus”

Jenny De Lacy

Owner, Writing Works Victoria

Are you ready to say ‘YES’ to SEO Success?

Here’s what’s included in the Recipe for SEO Success eCourse:


8 x group live coaching calls

8 x 60-minute live coaching calls

8 hour-long group live coaching calls where we discuss course materials and you can ask questions.

Learn and network with others.

Private Mastermind Group

Private Mastermind Group

Ask questions, network, share ideas and chat about all things SEO in this carefully moderated private Mastermind Facebook group.

Get SEO help when you need it. 

13 + hours of video training

13+ hours of SEO video presentations

Detailed and informative bite-sized weekly video presentations to boost your SEO knowledge. I’ll walk you through each module with a clear presentation while you watch in the comfort of your own home.

Expert Interviews

6 x expert interview videos

Watch informative and helpful interviews with SEO and Google experts, and get the answers you need to make your site rank well.

8 x 1 hour webinars

An SEO audit of your website

Learn how to create a straightforward review of your website’s core technical and content-related SEO factors – a great place to start finding what needs fixing.

16 SEO worksheets

21 SEO worksheets

21 practical, easy to understand SEO worksheets and homework tasks to help you eat the SEO pie bite by bite.

Pre-course activities

Pre-course activities

A set of simple SEO tasks you can complete before the course even begins to get you off to a great start.

SEO Glossary

SEO Glossary

An easy-to-understand, complete glossary of every SEO term and acronym. (This is a ‘geek speak’ free course!)

Technical SEO Checklist

Technical SEO Checklist

A step-by-step checklist to help you or your web developer fix your website’s technical SEO issues.

SEO-friendly Blog copywriting template

SEO-friendly copywriting and blog templates

Write SEO-friendly copy and blog posts easily with my ‘paint by numbers’ Word templates.

Useful SEO Links and Tools

100s of useful SEO resources, links and tools

A smorgasbord of SEO tools, plugins, keyword tools, content and headline apps, image libraries and other great sites to help you on your SEO journey.

Blog Compass

Blog Compass

A comprehensive Content Strategy tool to help you generate blog ideas and plan your editorial calendar.

Lifetime guarantee

Lifetime Access

I know you’re probably thinking, “I’d love to do this course, but how will I find the time?

Well, with The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse you get Lifetime access.

So if you fall behind, have a busy week or life gets in the way, don’t worry. You can pop back in later and catch up.

Easy, right? You can access the content anytime to review modules, re-watch videos, check the glossary and access links.

You’ll also get Lifetime Access to ME via the Facebook group. Learn more about the course’s Lifetime Access

I now have a new skill, a new confidence and greater profit margins.

“As the owner of an e-commerce site, I had plenty on my plate and paid for SEO externally. It bit hard into our profits. After a year I took a deep breath and signed up to ‘The Recipe for SEO Success’ with Kate Toon. I was so SEO green it was embarrassing. How thrilling it is now – some 9 weeks later – to feel SEO empowered. SEO was once the thorn in my professional side. I now have a new skill, a new confidence and greater profit margins! An awesome course, it comes with my highest recommendation.”

Amanda Nickells

Owner, TLC Latex Pillows

Is The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse for you?

The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse is aimed at small businesses, mumpreneurs, designers, copywriters, bloggers and anyone else who wants to get to grips with Google.

This is a beginner level course and no technical skills are required. The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse will suit you if you:

  • Find SEO confusing, overwhelming and a little bit boring
  • Want to learn DIY SEO
  • Already have a business online or are about to start one
  • Want to learn how to improve ranking results and conversions
  • Don’t want to pay an expensive SEO consultant to manage your site
  • Are happy to pay for an SEO consultant but want to understand what you’re getting for your money
  • Want to offer SEO as a service to your clients

Please note: This course is not aimed at anyone looking for SEO shortcuts or ways to cheat the search engine algorithms. (Chefs wear white hats, not black.)

Big brands and small businesses love the Recipe for SEO Success

Are you ready to start cooking up some SEO goodness?

My delicious and nutritious SEO eCourse is open to a limited number of keen beans.

 * Next course starts 2 JUNE 2016 *

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2 x $645


aaronAaron Agius | Back links Expert

Search, Content and Social Marketing Expert

Aaron Agius is the founder of Louder Online – an inbound marketing agency that creates intelligent search, social and content tactics for small businesses, digital agencies and global corporates.

melMel Samson | Google Analytics Expert

Click Winning Content

Melinda is owner of Click-Winning Content, provides results-driven online marketing consulting, optimisation and training services to Australian businesses, specialising in Google AdWords, Analytics and Google+.

mezMez Homayunfard | Keyword Expert

Co-founder of the Online Marketing Gurus

Mez Homayunfard is a co-founder of the Online Marketing Gurus and heads up the company’s Sales and Marketing division.

PerryPerry Bernard | Technical SEO Expert

SEO Expert at Forge Media

Perry Bernard has been a leading NZ organic search marketer since 2013 and has an in depth understanding of Google search algorithm as well as being Google Analytics IQ certified.

Chris Finnegan | Local SEO expertchrisfinnegan

Founder | SEO Copilot

As the founder of SEO Copilot and an ‘engineer turned marketer’ Chris combines the technical aspects of search engine optimisation, with creative targeted marketing. The results? More website traffic, sales and leads!

glennGlenn Murray | SEO copywriting Expert

Owner | Divine Write

Glenn is a specialist website copywriter, and the author of ‘SEO Secrets’ and ‘Practical SEO Copywriting’. He runs Australian copywriting and design studio, Divine Write, and over his 20-year career, he’s worked for some of the world’s biggest brands.

The ingredients

The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse is packed full of nutritious SEO goodness to feed your brain and boost your business. Just click on a section below to read more.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?
I’ll start by explaining how SEO works, including:

  • How search engines work and how they can boost your business
  • How each algorithm update affects your site
  • How to understand your search results
  • What SEO is and isn’t
  • Why SEO and ranking well matters
  • SEO basics – the fundamentals of any successful SEO strategy

We’ll also talk about YOUR brand so we can understand:

  • Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Your target audience and what they believe, desire and fear

Let’s get technical
I’ll explain in simple terms how to make sure your site is technically sound, including:

  • How to choose the right domain name, hosting and platform
  • How to create a custom SEO audit for your site
  • How to set up a WordPress website
  • The REALLY important technical issues for all websites
  • The minor technical issues and easy fixes
  • What to do when your site isn’t appearing in the results
  • The pros and cons of single-page-websites

Choosing the right keywords
I’ll make finding the right keywords as easy as pie by taking you through:

  • Why keywords matter when it comes to SEO
  • Why long tail keywords are the secret to SEO success
  • How to brainstorm keywords and find fresh ideas
  • How to research keywords for your site to ensure they deliver great results
  • Understanding your Domain Authority and how it influences your chances of ranking
  • How to spy on your competitors keywords and rankings
  • How to calculate the value of a particular keyword phrases
  • How to plan your keyword usage across your site’s pages and posts

How to write SEO-friendly copy
We’ll get stuck into the best ways of structuring your web copy including:

  • What is SEO copywriting?
  • Writing for humans and Google – the importance of readability
  • General writing and grammar rules for online writing
  • How to structure your site, navigation and page content
  • Creating irresistible offers and a strong call to action
  • Crafting winning title tags and meta descriptions
  • Understanding on-page copy optimisation and keyword usage
  • Backdoor SEO, duplicate content, keyword cannibalisation
  • How to review your content

Building links in a safe way
Backlink building gets a lot of bad press, but I’ll explain how you can still build quality links without being penalised by Google, including:

  • Understanding the importance of links to your website
  • Conducting a comprehensive links audit, and qualifying good and bad links
  • Practising basic link building safely using guest blogging, press releases and directory listings
  • Using more advanced techniques to promote your content and ‘earn’ high-quality links
  • Recovering from negative SEO and removing bad links


Supercharging your content
We’ll review the best way to give your content some extra oomph, covering:

  • How to use your keywords to generate blog post ideas
  • Finding inspiration for your content
  • The different post approaches
  • Developing a content strategy
  • Deciding the best content length
  • How to write killer headlines
  • Repurposing old post content
  • Creating SEO-Friendly images and videos
  • Using Social Media to improve your SEO


The importance of local search
If you run a location-based business (or even an online one) I’ll explain:

  • How to understand your customers local intent and use it to your advantage
  • How to improve your chances of showing up in the local searches
  • Which directories and listings sites are best for your business
  • How to optimise your website for local keywords
  • The importance of citations
  • How to win reviews

Objectives and measurement
Now you understand SEO, we’ll discuss how to keep track of your future success and:

  • Set realistic goals and objectives
  • Find great SEO reporting tools (both free and paid)
  • Decide what to track (and how often)
  • Keep your SEO agency accountable
  • Understand how long it will take to achieve SEO success

This course has the potential to save you a lot of money

“The Recipe for SEO Success is an awesome, content rich and value packed course – whether you have an already established website or starting one from scratch. Not only do you get easy access to all the content online (in fact it’s one of the simplest online forums I’ve ever accessed) but the material is presented in a logical sequence. And when you look at how much some consultants charge to build and manage an SEO responsive site this course has the potential to save you a lot of money. Highly recommended.” Katherine Pranic


My SEO Success Story


I’ve worked in advertising for nearly two decades in some of the biggest ad agencies (think Ogilvy and the like).

About six years ago, when I happily found myself ‘with child’, I realised I could either stay in agency world and never see my son, or give it all up.

As a contractor I suddenly found myself five months pregnant, out of a job, and with no maternity leave pay. Eeeep! But then I had an idea. Why not set myself up as a copywriter? My husband had just set up his own business with my help, so I thought “Hey, why not me?”

I built myself a little WordPress website and waited for the work to flood in. There was just one problem, or rather about 20,000 of them. When I typed ‘copywriter’ into Google, oodles and oodles of other copywriters appeared. How could I:

  • Make my website appear at the top of the rankings?
  • Blast my competitors out of the Google ocean?
  • Get willing customers to visit my site and buy services?

The only way to boost my business was to get my head around the dark art of Search Engine Optimisation. So I did.

I now rank on the first page for more than 160 different keywords. (But hey, who’s counting?) I’m in the top three for 114 terms, and recently ranked number one for the term ‘Copywriter’ on (If you’re not impressed then you should be. It’s bloody hard to rank well for a single term.) And I did it all:

  • With little or no budget and no outside help.
  • While being the primary breadwinner in our family and having to spend most of my time earning money.
  • As a sleep-deprived mum with a toddler to care for, a dog to walk, a house to clean, meals to cook, and a husband to occasionally grunt at.

SEO expertI even found a little ‘me’ time while doing it to run a marathon and publish a book or two.

If I can do it, so can you.

Since then I’ve helped major corporates and many small businesses win the SEO war. I’ve written SEO-friendly copy, created engaging content, technically audited a few hundred websites, and run heaps of training workshops. I’ve survived website hacks, negative reviews from competitors, algorithm updates, writer’s block, negative SEO campaigns and more.

Which means I’m perfectly placed to tell you all my SEO secrets. So let’s get started.

If you want to justify just one spend based on ROI this year make it The Recipe for SEO Success. 

“The Recipe for SEO Success hosted by Kate Toon has been a great investment in my business. Kate says what she does and does what she says. Kate is genuinely passionate about SEO and it shows. She provides a comprehensive review of all things SEO while keeping the emphasis on practical and pragmatic. There is no hype, no overblown promises.”

Darren Pearce

Marketing ER

learn seo online
learn seo online

Kate is someone you can trust, she provides honest advice and is supremely helpful.

The course content was logically presented in easily digestible chunks. In her fun and enthusiastic manner she delivered relevant SEO information which was easy to understand. I loved the mix of theory and practical tasks which I could apply immediately to my business. Her encouragement, motivation and positivity shines through in all her communication. There wasn’t a question or a problem that Kate couldn’t solve. It was like I had my own personal SEO guru for 8 weeks! Kate has given me an abundance of useful hints and tips to improve and grow my business. Kate is someone you can trust, she provides honest advice and is supremely helpful. I love that as a post graduate I have full access to the course information to refer back to when I need it. Thank-you Kate, your course has been one of my best investments for my business I have ever made. I just wish I had found you sooner!”

Maree Livy

Celebrant Maree

As a teacher of SEO fundamentals she is way ahead of her game.

“Kate Toon is a force to be reckoned with. I was fortunate enough to take her Recipe for SEO Success course in late-2015 and found Kate to be knowledgeable, committed, customer-focused and a truly engaging and warm person to deal with. Her engaging course is consistently lively, informative and packed with punch and as a teacher of SEO fundamentals she is way ahead of her game.”

Richard Lucas

Lucas Guitar

Are you ready to start cooking up some SEO goodness?

My delicious and nutritious SEO eCourse is open to a limited number of keen beans.

 * Next course starts 2 JUNE 2016 *

Choose your payment option below







2 x $645



Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse?
The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse is an 9-week online training course that demystifies Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and gives you the skills to successfully optimise your small business website. The eCourse is aimed at Small Businesses, Mumpreneurs, Designers, Copywriters, Bloggers and anyone else who wants to get to grips with Google.

How is your eCourse different to other SEO eCourses?
To put it simply, I’ve proven my success at SEO, and I’ve done it the hard way. Like you, I’ve been at the bottom of the SEO Mountain, and I made it to the top. And now I want to tell you how I did it. Here are some other reasons why my SEO eCourse is different:

  1. I’m an experienced trainer who regularly runs workshops for big name brands and small businesses.
  2. I go the extra mile and provide resources and tools for you to enjoy.
  3. I offer not only the appetiser style front-end SEO advice, but also the meat and potatoes of the technical side.
  4. I’m crazy enthusiastic about SEO, and that enthusiasm will rub off on YOU. By the end of my eCourse you’ll love SEO as much as I do.

Also unlike many online courses I won’t leave you to go it alone. You’ll get weekly support via the coaching calls as well as the Facebook group. So you can ask all your questions and get tailored advice.

What kinds of people sign up to the Recipe for SEO Success eCourse?
The course is suitable for anyone who wants to get to grips with Search Engine Optimisation or manage their own SEO.

SEO course types

What kind of business industries does this course suit?
We’ve had students from all kinds of industries take The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse. Here’s just a selection:


Who shouldn’t sign up?
This is a beginner level course, with a sprinkling of advanced content. If you’re already an SEO expert, the course is probably not right for you.

Can you guarantee I’ll get to the number one spot in Google by doing your eCourse?
Nope, I’m afraid not. This course isn’t about magical fixes or false promises. It’s about helping you truly understand how Search Engines, such as Google tick, and how you can improve your chances of ranking in a safe, non-cheaty way. This is a white (chef’s) hat SEO course – no black hat trickery allowed.

When does the eCourse start?
Registration for the next round of the eCourse begins on the 16th May 2016, with the actual course starting on the 2nd of June.

I can’t make this round. When will the eCourse run again?
After the June round, the course will run later in the year.

I don't have a website, can I still do the course?
Yes, many people on who take The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse don’t yet have a website. There are some areas of the course especially tailored to those without websites (including a ‘How to set up a WordPress website’ tutorial). Other areas of the course will only be applicable once you have a website, such as setting up Google Analytics and auditing your site. So, you can come back and complete these tasks when your site is ready.

Who runs the eCourse?
The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse is run by me, Kate Toon. I’m an award-winning SEO copywriter and SEO consultant with heaps of experience.   I’ve worked with big brands such as Westpac, the RTA, Curash and Kmart, and helped countless small businesses to produce great content and improve their SEO. I’m the founder of The Clever Copywriting School, the Hot Copy Podcast, and I speak about SEO at events across Australia (most recently at Problogger).

I’m not very techy. Can I still do the eCourse?
Yes, of course. This course is for beginners, and I explain everything in a non-jargony way to make it easy for non-technical types to get their heads around. You can also ask questions in the coaching calls and in the Facebook group. However, it helps if you have a basic understanding of the Internet and the platform your website uses (WordPress, Wix, Joomla, etc.). Some of the more technical task explained on the course (Week 2) may require the help of a developer depending on your level of skill. I have a great, affordable one that I can recommend.

How does the eCourse run?
The Recipe for SEO Success eCourse runs for eight weeks, with a content module published each week. You access the content by logging into the password-protected member area. Here’s the eCourse timetable:

  • Week 1: What is Search Engine Optimisation?
  • Week 2: Let’s get technical
  • Week 3: Choosing the right keywords
  • Week 4: How to write SEO-friendly copy
  • Week 5: Building links the safe way
  • Week 6: Supercharging your content
  • Week 7: The importance of local search
  • Week 8: Objectives and measurement

Each module contains:

  • A number of training videos
  • Several worksheets, checklists, roadmaps and downloadable DIY templates
  • Optional material you can complete if you have the time

There is an optional Facebook Mastermind group and optional weekly coaching calls. They’re not 100% necessary to the course, but do provide extra support and an opportunity to ask questions. Bonus material will be peppered throughout the eCourse, including:

  • 5 expert interview videos
  • Access to 100s of useful links and tools
  • Access to the SEO Mastermind group
  • 8 one-hour group coaching calls

How are the group coaching calls run?
Group coaching calls are run using a software called Zoom. You’ll need to install it on your Mac or PC. You’ll need a mic (and a webcam) if you want to participate, but you can just listen in if you prefer. You’ll receive a schedule of calls in the pre course activities, they take place on Tuesday evenings at 1pm AEST and Wednesday 7pm AEST. If you can’t make all the coaching calls don’t worry. Recordings will be made available on the site within 24-48 hours.

How many hours per week should I set aside for the eCourse?
I know you probably don’t have a whole heap of time to spare for SEO, which is why I’ve broken the eCourse into bite-sized chunks. Ideally you should allow 2-3 hours a week to digest the course materials, which includes:

  • Watching the training videos
  • Reading and completing your SEO worksheets
  • Enjoying the bonus materials, such as the how-to videos and expert interviews
  • Taking part in the group coaching calls
  • Asking questions in the Facebook group (as well as networking with others)

But the whole point of this eCourse is for you to learn at your own pace, and at a time that suits you. And with lifetime access to the materials, you can come back to them at any point in the future.

Is there homework?
On average you’ll get two worksheets a week to complete. But don’t worry, I won’t be marking them. They’re a practical, fun and easy way to help you fully understand each module. Of course, the more you put into the eCourse the more you’ll get out of it. But the level of effort involved is entirely up to you.

Can I email / call / message you with my questions during the course?
No. All questions relating to the course must be submitted via the Facebook Mastermind group and they will be answered in the group coaching calls. I’m afraid I cannot enter into private email correspondence, or take phone calls regarding your individual site issues.

I hate Facebook can I still do the course?
The Mastermind group is run using Facebook groups. I’d highly recommend you joining the Facebook Mastermind group but the choice is entirely up to you.

Does my site need to be on WordPress to take the course?
While I highly recommend using WordPress as your website platform, I understand you may have opted for another platform. But while a few of the tips and plugins on the course are WordPress-specific, the overall course teaching can be applied to ANY website or platform.

Does the course grow as my SEO knowledge expands?
This is a beginner level SEO course and will give you a good grounding in all things SEO. While I may update the course materials from time to time to ensure they are current, I do not, at this stage, have plans to offer any advanced modules. If you wish to learn more advanced SEO you can opt to book one on one sessions with me.

How long can I access the Course?
You have lifetime access to all course materials, as well as the Mastermind Facebook group. If for any reason we have to terminate the course offering, you’ll be given 6 months notice of the site closure.

How do I access the eCourse?
As soon as you’ve paid the eCourse registration fee via PayPal, you’ll be asked to register. When your registration is complete, you can log into our membership portal. The material will be available weekly from the published start date.

How long is the payment plan?
The payment plan is broken up into two chunks:

  • First payment is payable on registration
  • Second and final payment is due four weeks later

If you fail to make your second payment, your access to course materials will be revoked and the karma guinea pigs will be on your tail FOREVER!

What if I don’t like the course?

If you’ve worked through the first module of the eCourse and haven’t gained any value from it (or just don’t think the eCourse is for you), I’ll happily refund your payment minus a $100 admin fee. Refunds must be requested within 14 days of the course starting. No refunds are provided after the first 14 days, and we do not provide pro-rata refunds for cancelled accounts. After the initial refund period expires, we will continue to process any remaining payments (if you have selected a payment plan option).







2 x $645



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